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Seth Chalnick
Hello and thanks for visiting my website.  As a seasoned broker and longtime resident, I enjoy helping folks buy, sell, and finance San Diego real estate.  I stand fiercely committed to separating commission from advice, and highly credit my success to this key value.

Shoreline Properties has been serving North County San Diego buyers and sellers since 1989. Our retail space is located in the heart of Cardiff by the Sea, in the "Town Centre," right next to Seaside Market, and our courtyard averages weekly foot-traffic of 17,000 people! Many locals and visitors alike look to our windows as a gauge of local real estate trends and valuations.

It never gets old buying and selling coastal property for savvy clientele... who wear flip-flops. Aside from the views, the location is also perfect, because we are able to jet all over San Diego at a moment's notice. The space itself is great, and my associates are awesome. And did I mention we are across the street from the... ahem... ocean.

My wife Jessica (an acupuncturist), kids Jaiden and Jack, and I live in Encinitas with a crazy but lovable dog, named Sullivan. If you happen to frequent North County San Diego, odds are good you've glimpsed a cute, blond ponytail flashing through your periphery, after the grey streak that is Sully. I love my wife a lot and take pleasure in knowing I got the better end of the deal when she said, "I do" in 2005.

I believe the best way to earn your business is to provide a level of service so uncommon, and resources so invaluable, that you naturally look to my offering as the best means to achieve your goal.

Now, while some of my realty services are as good as the next schmoozey agent who sends monthly flyers smelling like freshly baked cookies... here in short, is what I do best:


People make decisions instantaneously with emotion, and then use logic to filter first impressions.  My proprietary listing strategy engages this basic human drive in a way that hits Buyers viscerally. We employ professional photography to showcase the most exciting features of your home, and carefully code the MLS listing with subtle keywords to maximize interest and optimize opportunities for multiple offers.  Then we fight to secure the highest price, in the fastest time, with the least amount of problems.


I love matching people with homes they love at prices they can afford. There are some serious advantages to my Buyer's Advocate program, so do not settle for anything less.


As you proceed from approval to close of escrow, you will enjoy knowing the loan program we select is the best match for your family's lifestyle. Your home search and mortgage plan are properly integrated, so the home you love is natural to afford. As your dedicated mortgage advisor, I continue to monitor your loan program for life, and not just for rate, but more importantly, for equity optimization.


If you like taking a "hands-on" approach to searching homes, you will love my proprietary property search tool. I grew tired of subscribing to third-party providers, who embed features that look fancy, but lack intuitive functionality. The web offers a sea of choices, but nothing that matched my vision about how to get our arms around inventory and market pulse.

So I set out to design a new way of searching homes. For a while I just lived in the space of "what if". And then, after drawing inspiration from our best competition, my team raised the bar, by coding a paradigm shift from scratch. The result is a remarkable, web 2.0 search tool that filters noise and lasers into what you like.

Key features:

  • Sort data anyway you like, then surf in that order.
  • Toggle between list and map views.
  • Return from viewing properties to a list that “remembers” your preferences.
  • Review recent sales to optimize offer price, or triangulate strategic listing price.
  • Ability to click or hover on just about anything for an intuitive response.
  • Ruthlessly free of advertising or clutter.
  • Served up free, with unlimited access.

The ultimate source of timely and accurate data, really starts and ends with the official MLS. It is the only system empowered to enforce accuracy with penalties. All others are prone to misinformation, either by accident or design.  All agents can access the MLS, but stellar agents harness its power to help you search efficiently. When actively writing offers, this level of assistance is invaluable.


I enjoy writing posts and articles as a medium to deliver advice, opinion, and outlook that provoke proactive thought. My blog is content rich, easy to read, and fun to revisit. Its goal is to help folks obtain clarity and confidence when making real estate related decisions, and to use this platform as a stimulus to generate long-term relationships.  

Whether you buy, sell, borrow, or optimize, you can trust in my integrity and qualifications to help execute a simple, efficient, and rewarding transaction.

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