Buyer Advocacy:

Get the clarity and confidence you need to make smart decisions for the right reasons. Beyond agency, I deliver advocacy to help you find the perfect home, along with financing to fit your budget.

I help you:

• Search smarter, faster, and better

• Use an offer-writing strategy

• Win negotiations

• Streamline real estate and mortgage transactions

• Make small changes that yield huge appreciation

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Purchase Power:

By assigning one point of contact to execute your real estate and mortgage transactions together, you save time and money, and realize unparalleled customer service.

• My dedicated operations team helps us:

• Pre-underwrite files to close in 17-days

• Lock low rates

• Choose loan programs wisely

• Save on fees

• Protect your deposit

• Optimize equity

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Purchasing In Cardiff: FAQs

Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

If your income is recession-proof (or resistant), and you can conservatively afford the monthly overhead on a home you will love (or can rent out) for a period of 7-10 years, then today’s low rates still present an opportunity.

If unsure about how you will fare in a downturn, or if you cannot find a home worth loving at a price that fits your budget, then resist the urge to jump on the bandwagon.

While 20 years from now, today’s prices may seem like a bargain, the next year or two warrants caution as we assimilate dramatic tax changes.

Contact Me today for my uncensored take on what happens next.

What Is Driving Today's Lack Of Inventory?

Today’s market is experiencing an epic battle between inventory and affordability.  Owners and sellers have benefited from limited supply, with prices pushing all-time highs.

But we may now be overreaching healthy fundamentals.  Fewer homes are being listed today because fewer owners can afford to move.  And we are running out of buyers who can make it worthwhile.

Contact Me today for help seeing if you are making smart decisions for the right reasons.

What Can I Do About Low Inventory?

As the broker/owner of Shoreline Properties, the real estate office next to Cardiff Seaside Market, and as a member of the North County Top Producer Network, I often get inside scoops first.  I can feed you listings as they develop.  New stuff always comes up, so let me know what you’re looking for and get on my call list.

If you are searching for Cardiff properties, then you will want to visit a newly launched website I built to display Cardiff-specific listings in the order of their activity. Contact Me today for help customizing a “smart-not-hard” MLS search to get real-time info even before it hits most agents.

How Can I Get My Offer Accepted For Below Fair Market Value?
In tight markets, we are challenged to get offers accepted among multiple offers. I have perfected this art, and have an extremely high “offer acceptance” success rate, without price being the only consideration.

I help us win negotiations while creating solutions that work for all parties involved. More than anything, listing agents are driven by fear. Fear of letting down their seller by selecting a buyer who falls out of escrow. Fear of starting the process over again. Fear of losing face within their sales territory. Fear of losing the opportunity to earn a commission after investing serious time and money.

My process galvanizes your qualifications and motivations so that we can genuinely and confidently quell the opposing agent’s fears, and align them to our advantage. We leverage barriers to entry, days on market, comparable sales, and knowledge about the listing agent (both empirical and anecdotal).

We analyze the financing that underpins similar transactions and how affordability affects competing demand for the property. We use every data point at our disposal to convince the other side that it is in their best interests to align with our incentives. Contact Me now to start negotiating circles around less seasoned agents.

What Is An Offer Writting Strategy?
Submitting an offer without a strategy is like going to a job interview without a resume. More than pre-approval letters, today’s listing agents expect to see several components to an offer package.

To separate ourselves from the pack, we align ourselves with the listing agent’s incentives. We demonstrate motivation while signaling strength, and exaggerate the features they seek in a buyer who will cross the finish line.

If you do not have an offer writing strategy, or an agent who will deploy one for you, then you might realistically expect to miss out on several opportunities before eventually settling for less value at more expense. Contact Me today for help winning negotiations. 

How Is Seth Uniquely Positioned To Help Me Get The Best Deal?
With $350m+ sales volume, serving a healthy cross-section of buyers and sellers at every price-point, I know what our seller is looking for.  And with deep financial experience that underpins our transaction, I am uniquely positioned to help integrate our home search and mortgage plan together, saving you time and money, and providing unparalleled service and execution.

The number one reason deals fall out of escrow is because loans fall out.  This has never happened to a single client in my career.  Nor have I ever lost a buyer’s deposit.  Whether or not you engage my mortgage services, my financial background will save you thousands. 

Approximately 10% of real estate agents transact 90% of the business.  And most agents work with buyers more than sellers.  It is hard to get listings.  It is even harder to successfully close them.  If and when agents crack the code on how to list and close sales, then it becomes tempting to focus exclusively on serving sellers.  But having a 50%-50% buyer/seller mix is critical to winning negotiations, especially during market swings.

It is extremely rare for agents to be good enough, and committed enough, to work with both.   And when it comes to buying, my balanced experience will position us for success.  You do not need some part-time agent, with their photo printed on the side of a minivan, selling you homes that smell like freshly baked cookies.  What you need is an advocate, willing to talk you out poor buying decisions, and capable of acting decisively when the deal is right.

You need a trusted advisor who separates their advice from commission to put your needs first.

My spotless record of going to the mat for every last client will give you peace of mind when buying your most important financial asset.  Contact Me now to experience my unique qualifications in helping you make smart decisions for the right reasons.